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Dianna J Dinka


I have long had a love and attraction to bright, bold colors. This passion for color has shown itself continually in other creative endeavors over the years. I find the shiny, high gloss, bright color combinations of my lampwork beads appealing and just fun!


I am fascinated by cold solid glass being transformed into a molten state, the freedom it offers of molding it into my own unique designs and the finished beads as they return back to a solid state encasing my creative expressions. Because this creative hot glass process must be completed in one sitting, I like to call this frozen motion.


I so enjoy the entire process and it is my hope that this enjoyment carries over to each and every one of my customers.


I form each individual bead using a torch that is fueled by oxygen and propane. All my beads have been properly annealed and cleaned to insure stability. I combine my beads with accents of sterling silver to form my glass bead jewelry.

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